I am looking for a few authors and/or illustrators with summer KidLit goals to embark with me on a journey to get some things done. 

Maybe you want to...

...finish a book dummy or manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher.

...improve in a specific area of your craft. (Drawing, writing dialogue, character designs, etc.)

...update your portfolio/ its presentation in preparation for fall workshops and conferences.

...shape up your website, or build one in the first place.

I want to help.

I've taken plenty of online classes, been to conferences and workshops, and I've always found there are so many stones left unturned. I've had follow-up questions, wanted to hear more...go deeper...get more specific. One-on-One Mentorship allows just that. A mentor expects that all the questions won't be answered in one presentation. Mentors recognize that one critique of your manuscript or portfolio isn't enough to ensure progress. Mentors are teachers, cheerleaders, fans, coaches and creative whisperers.

The mentors that I've had have been invaluable, and I want to help the right people benefit from my experience and more importantly the doors that have been opened for me.

What Mentorship Looks Like.

Mentorship is a relationship. It's conversations. It's time taken. It's curated content and lessons/guidance that fit YOUR needs.

What you will be doing:

  • Working as hard as you are able.
  • Speaking up and communicating with me about want your goals and difficulties are.
  • Making sure that you are in tune with yourself and asking good questions, like...
    • ...are you feeling positive about your work/progress or not? (either is fine)
    • ...are you feeling inspired?
    • ...is your routine helping you, or hurting you?
    • …how much time can you commit right now?
    • ...what can i accomplish in that time, and am I okay with that?

What I will be doing:

  • Hosting a 1 hour introductory One-on-One session with you. (Skype, Google Hangout, or in person)
  • Set goals for your summer based on our conversations.
  • Provide weekly guidance via email with information, motivation, lessons, assignments and whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.
  • Critiquing your work and answering your questions through multiple emails/week. 
  • Inviting you into my studio via Google Hangouts to watch me work, ask questions and share knowledge and good cheer with fellow authors and illustrators.
  • Hosting a 1 hour One-on-One end of the summer session (Skype, Google Hangout, or in person) to make fall plans and look back on the progress we've made.

Because I want to do all of this, and I want you to do it, I am asking a financial commitment of $250 to retain me as a mentor for July and August 2017.

What a Mentorship IS NOT.

Mentorship is not like other online classes or workshops. I won't be giving you a password to a website where I have placed all of the content and just letting you learn at your own pace with other students. I will be bugging you. Checking in, and helping to make sure that you are being pushed and encouraged.

Mentorship isn't for everyone. This is a relationship. Much like the relationships you will make with agents, editors and art directors as you advance in your career. This means that we will be growing together. You will be challenged and supported, but more importantly, you will have someone on your side.

Making books for children is important work, and the community of professionals needs an ever-growing roster of caring, creative and compassionate people to keep young voices and imaginations alive. If you are answering that call, I want to help you get there. If you think that I can help you, fill out the form below and let e know a bit about yourself, and your work.

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