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Dummy Workshop

The 6-week Picture Book Dummy Workshop


This informative and low stress one-on-one workshop is designed for participants of all experience levels who want to work on their picture book dummy. Over the course of six weeks*, the participant will:

  • Receive access to private video tutorials created by author/illustrator Mike Malbrough as he creates his own book dummy in real time. This offers participants an exclusive look at all of the ups and downs, clarity and confusion, order and chaos that every storyteller wrestles with.

  • Prompts, Q&A's and worksheets that lead participants towards weekly, deadline oriented goals.

  • A weekly video critique and Q&A where Mike takes a look at the participant's progress and offers ideas and suggestions for strengthening the work.

*The workshop is set up to accommodate a variety of skill levels and life styles by offering a flexible schedule. The six week model is based on the date that work is turned in. For example, if a student takes two weeks to complete the Week 1 work, Week two will begin the following week.

Bonus! One-on-One Live Critique

At the end of the workshop each participant will receive a half-hour live session with Mike to answer any final questions and discuss next steps for participants.

Below is the basic schedule of the workshop (subject to change depending on individual student needs.)

  • Week 1: Intro to book dummy formats, processes for development, understanding picture book story arcs, mood and flow.

  • Week 2: A focus on composition, repeating visual elements & page turns.

  • Week 3: All about character designs, plus a look at movement and silhouettes.

  • Week 4: Color and mood.

  • Week 5: Final art.

  • Week 6: Submitting to agents and editors, attending conferences and pitching your idea.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below to reserve your spot. Payment is required via PayPal before the workshop begins, but filling out the form will not charge you. Please include information about your journey, goals, experience level, along with any that questions you have.

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Dummy Workshop