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Illustrator's Portfolio Course

Illustrator's Portfolio Course

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A 6-week workshop all about helping aspiring illustrators develop professional work and present it in the best manner.

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Sharpen up that Portfolio!

This 6-week, One-on-One course is designed to help illustrators take their work and presentation to the next level. Each week participants will receive a wealth of industry knowledge and a frame work for developing a cohesive body of work that highlights qualities that agents and art directors look for in illustrators.

Once a week, students will submit work based on prompts and objectives aimed at helping to develop or focus their work and effort. As each assignment is completed, participants will receive a critique via email and unlimited Q&A.

The One-on-One structure allows for the 6-week schedule to flex, accommodating unforeseen delays and life events. For example, if the week one assignment takes two weeks to complete, week 2 will will be flexed to week 3.